Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Good, Bad, Ugly


This Book light is good because it is very easy to follow. Each step is completely and thoughtfully laid out in a reasonable order. It is accompanied by photographs that shop each step. The items needed are listed in a nice reference section.


This speaker project goes wrong by telling without showing. The steps are written out, but not in a very easy to follow way. The pictures do not show the steps used to complete the project. Too little information over all.


This is a mess. The photos are just the finished product. What is written tells basically nothing about what to do.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Upgrade: Synopsis

          The Product is called ALT Alternative Life Technology. The idea is simple, offer a better way to enjoy life. What if instead of watching a movie about explorers on Mars, you could actually go there. Instead of wanting to take a vacation but never having the time or money, you could go right after work. This device would be an implant into your brain. It would allow the user to "plug in" to a network of host bodies that can be accessed anywhere. Lets say you wanted to go to Paris and switch genders. All you would have too do is sit down in you favorite chair and insert the plug into the back of you skull. You'll open your eyes in Paris. The bodies are grown in generator pods that are located in every major city and in several key areas off world. they can be used to do whatever you like for as long as you like. When you have finished your trip, simply press the button on the back of the unit's head for twenty seconds and you will wake up at home.


Week One

Week One
So I am back again. This first week we learned a few things about basic components. We did a small amount of basic breadboarding. Most of the circuit design and creation is easy to understand. I have all of my required items. And feel fully prepared for this semester.


We went over physical computing and all that that entails. My original thought was that it had to do with things impeded in the skin, or nanites. It was more about the computer man connection.


This was a tough assignment for me. I had to come up with something that I would do to myself to make me better. I'm a generally satisfied person, so my first hurdle was getting past that view of myself. Early ideas went to my health. Something to replace my tired organes. Maybe new hands so that I could play guitar again. The thoughts eventually moved to youth-reclaiming ideas. Like something that would erase my weight issues, or return my body to the overly muscled days of a young sailor. None seemed fantastic enough. Next I thought of a wing implant. Something along the idea of Archangel from the X-men. Based on my desire to fly and my love of travel. Still too boring of an idea, I began thinking deeper about what I would really want and what would make my life better. That brought me to a device that I named the ALT. Alternative Lifestyle Technology. I've dealt all to often with people dying or trying to kill themselves. This would be a device that would begin with self replicating nanobots. These little creatures would latch on to the spine and set up shop in the brain. Once fully deployed, they would be able to assume complete control of a person's body. With what they map of the person’s brain, they can take over for the user. The concept is that if you have a loved one on death's door, or you no longer want to live, the ALT is the alternative. I’ve asked the question whether it is more selfish to try to keep someone alive or for someone to end their own life. This would allow a grandmother to free herself from pain while letting her family carry on without dealing with the loss. A person could peacefully give in to their desire to give up. Friends and coworkers would never know the difference. I thought about how negatively this idea might be viewed. Deciding to move on to the next version. A device that would allow people to inhabit other bodies.